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We are in the process of initiating an alliance with very intense people in Chicago, so that is main reason we will begin to post in english, couple of times a month. The following post is about the power of SEO for all kinds of business.

People are very familiar with facebook, twitter, & youtube, but most us are not familiar with internet search engines or how the search engines really work in general. This brief article will describe the very basics of SEO, ( Search Engine Optimization ) the power behind it, and why all business, small medium, and large, should try to get on the search engine lists as soon as possible.

First of all, We need to explain organic SEO, which are the results that appear at the left of our screen, after we search for any term, product or service. Here, the search engines ranked the best companies according to relevant content, keywords, optimized structure in their website, and large amounts of traffic.

A company that ranks in the first page of a term or phrase, will get as high as 80% of the traffic from the visitors looking for that term. If a site is not in the first pages of Google, Yahoo, & Bing, might as well not appear at all, because in business, time is money, and people want to find results very fast. It´s very rare that a business person will explore the third or fourth page, when searching for something in the web.

So, to make it simple to understand: If a website is not optimized, and does not have a good marketing plan since the beginning, it may never reach that first page of Google, Yahoo, or Bing,

optimizacion-online.com, is an internet marketing firm, established in Córdoba, Veracruz, Mexico, that focuses on SEO, but also, will be able to help you with the following:

Professional web design & development

– Copywriting,

– Web page content,

– Article submission,

–  Pay per click management

– Mobile marketing

Landing pages,

Email marketing

–  Inbound marketing,

– SEO training,

– Competitive analysis,

– Social media marketing,

–  Advertising campaigns

If you are ready to begin your business online, or would like more information about any career opportunity with us, ask one of our internet consultants, we´ll  be glad to assist you.

We are able to provide a high professional service in 5 different languages: English, Spanish, Ukranian, Russian & Portuguese.

We have an affordable SEO package, that will let you explore the potential of being positioned in the first pages of Google, at a great price you, using white-hat only, techniques.

Just a small reminder: If you are not using the power of SEO today, ask yourself if your competitors are.


The power of SEO - Diseño y Optimización Online


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